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27 lipnja, 2023

Istrian eco farms

Nestled in the heart of Croatia, Istria is a region renowned for its stunning landscapes and
rich culinary heritage. Beyond its picturesque towns and azure coastline lies a hidden gem
for eco-conscious travelers – the flourishing eco farms of Istria.
Istria’s eco farms prioritize organic farming practices, cultivating a diverse range of fruits,
vegetables, and herbs.

Enjoy farm-to-table experiences, indulging in fresh, pesticide-free produce transformed into
delicious local dishes.
You can witness free-range chickens, grazing cows, and happy pigs, learning about
responsible animal husbandry practices and the importance of supporting humane farming.

Many eco farms in Istria prioritize the preservation of natural habitats and biodiversity. They
act as stewards of the land, implementing sustainable land management practices and
promoting wildlife conservation. Through guided tours and nature walks, you can appreciate
the region’s rich flora and fauna while understanding the importance of preserving these
ecosystems for future generations.

Here are some of Istrian eco farms:

Eco farm Kameni Dvori: Located in the village of Brtonigla, this eco farm is known for its
organic farming practices and olive oil production. They offer guided tours, tastings, and a
chance to learn about sustainable agriculture.

Kumparička Eco Farm: Situated near the town of Bale, Kumparička is an organic farm that
focuses on sustainable livestock farming and the production of dairy products. Visitors can
witness the farm animals, participate in workshops, and enjoy organic meals.

By visiting and supporting eco farms in Istria, contribute directly to the local economy and
sustainable livelihoods. Purchasing organic produce, handmade products, and souvenirs
crafted with eco-friendly materials helps sustain these farms and the communities they are a
part of.