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March 26, 2024

Typical Istrian dishes

Istria is well-known for its delicious  olive oil, aromatic truffles, and fresh fish. It also has a wealth of traditional dishes that highlight the region’s rich culinary history.


Manestra, a hearty, rustic dish that has been feeding people for generations, is the cornerstone of Istrian cuisine. With its fragrant blend of herbs and spices, this substantial bean stew pairs simple ingredients like beans, onions, garlic, and seasonal vegetables in a celebration of simplicity. Manestra is slow-cooked to perfection, developing a powerful and rich flavour profile that evokes the agricultural abundance and culinary legacy of Istria with every bite. There are many different Manestra recipes in the area, with each family putting their own unique spin on the traditional dish—for example, by adding smoked meats, savoury pancetta, or fragrant bay leaves.

Istrian Ombolo

Istria has a long history of charcuterie and meat artistry, which is demonstrated by this tender pork loin that has been marinated in a mixture of flavorful herbs and spices. The marinated pig loin is slow-roasted over an open flame or perfectly grilled to give it a meltingly-tender texture and smokey flavour. Istrian Ombolo, when paired with classic Istrian sides like roasted potatoes, Istrian fuži pasta, or a crisp green salad, is a representation of the region’s culinary expertise and commitment to using only the best ingredients.


A study of Istrian food would not be complete without trying Fritaja, a popular dish of eggs that embodies the spirit of the Mediterranean. Fritaja is produced by mixing farm-fresh eggs with a variety of seasonal ingredients, including wild asparagus, mushrooms, truffles, and aromatic herbs. It is similar to a French omelette. Fritaja is a versatile dish that may be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is cooked to velvety perfection in a hot skillet with a drizzle of Istrian olive oil. It goes well with crusty bread and a glass of Malvazija wine from the area. Fritaja celebrates the region’s gastronomic diversity and scenic splendour by delivering a taste of Istria’s sun-drenched fields, verdant forests, and abundant harvests with every bite.